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Tressa Hair ProductsTressa Hair Products

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With over 38 years in the industry, you can trust Tressa hair product performance! Tressa lets you pamper your hair with Tressa's exquisite line of hair care products. With natural ingredients like Sunflower Seed Extract and Wheat Protein, color is fade-resistant and hair is shiny and healthy. Support all your professional services with the right hair care products from Tressa.

Tressa Hair ProductsTressa Styling

With 15 styling products, Tressa gives you everything you need and nothing you don't to style every client that sits in your chair. Our easy to understand styling icons and hold factor system makes it effortless to match the right product to the right hair type and style. Try Tressa styling products today!

Tressa Hair ProductsTressa Watercolors

A 3-in-1, sulfate-free color shampoo for every color client, Tressa Watercolors Shampoo cleanse, condition and refresh color in one easy step. Specially formulated Reflective Color Enhancers deposit color and deliver vibrant tones and brilliant shine, while a rich foaming later nourishes every hair strand. Tone and maintain color treated hair, or enhance non-treated hair's natural hues. Tressa Watercolors is the ultimate color enhancing, conditioning shampoo. No color client should go home without it!

Tressa Hair ProductsTressa Product Reviews

Do you use Tressa Hair Products? We want to know what you think of these salon products. Whether you are here to learn more about Tressa haircare or happened upon us by accident, read the reviews and leave one of your own! It will help others decide if a particular Tressa Hair product is right for them!

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